Rental Rules

Our cleaning person endeavors to keep an eye on the calendar and adapt his schedule in order to perform his weekly cleaning the day before your rental, but please keep in mind, he has no control over what happens between when he cleans and when you arrive. Remember that the Club is not to be used for Commercial Use in accordance with our By-Laws.  Per our occupancy permit the limit for persons in the club at any given time is 70 persons.

Chairs and tables are located behind the roll‐out cabinet in the kitchen, please take note of the precise labeled stacking order required to make everything fit back where it belongs. The one long table stays out, in the rear right hand corner of the house. 

  • To keep the front door unlocked during your function: 
  • From the inside, notice the PIN hanging on the panic bar.
  • With the “panic bar” held down, insert the long end of the Pin in the hole on 
  • top of the Panic Bar. 
  • To undo this, pull the Pin. 

If your function is going to run into the evening hours, perhaps you’d like to illuminate the parking lot after dark. On the kitchen wall to the right of the telephone you’ll see four switches labeled North‐South‐East‐West Floodlight Zones. South illuminates the front parking area, East does the right hand side of the Clubhouse. North and west light the exterior deck. Don’t forget to shut them off before leaving. 

Out of respect for our Tenants of the Apartment upstairs (they do pay considerable rent!), the Board of Directors has adopted the following regulations regarding Noise in the Clubhouse:  Noise levels are restricted to conversation tones only after 10:00 pm and no noise after 11:00 pm. 

It is your responsibility to leave the Clubhouse “shipshape” after your rental To that end”

  •  Brooms, dustpans and vacuum are located behind the kitchen door. 
  •  Central vacuum outlet is located low on the dart board wall. 
  •  Wet mop and bucket are in the shower opposite the men room. 
  •  Trash bags are located under the kitchen sink. As are extra paper towels. 
  •  The garbage dumpster is located at the right rear of the property. 
  •  Bag recyclable aluminum cans and leave alongside of dumpster. 

All rentals of the clubhouse must perform the following chores at the end of their function: 

  •  Wet mop (with warm water only) kitchen, bathrooms and hardwood floors. 
  •  Vacuum carpets. • Clean bathroom toilets and sinks. 
  •  Wash, dry and put away any pots, pans, dishes or utensils used. 
  •  Wipe down bar and kitchen counters. 
  •  Take out all trash (kitchen and bathrooms) and replace with clean trash bags. 
  • If additional cleaning is needed  the deposit may be used to pay for cleaning services.

If these activities are deferred to the following day, clean‐up  shall start no earlier than 8:00 am and be completed no later than 10:00 am on mornings following a rental. After your function is over, please check to see all doors and windows are locked (Front door, see above), make sure no stove burners or oven elements are on, lights out (including outside floodlights), and turn the heat down to 55 degrees.